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Paternity/DNA Testing

Providing Answers to One of Life’s Most Important Questions.

We affordably provide professionally collected and accurately tested DNA samples in a manner that ensures total confidentiality.

Through a partnership with one of the largest, most experienced DNA laboratories in the United States and our nationwide network of collection sites, we are able to provide testing services to customers at a convenient time and location.


Available Service Options:

  • DNA Collection-Only Services
  • DNA Full Service (legally admissible test)
  • DNA Home Collection Kits (for personal, non-legal use)

Examples of Reasons for Testing:

  • Parents verifying a child's identity for custody and/or visitation rights
  • Grandparents wanting to verify the identity of their grandchildren
  • Adoptee who wants to identify their biological family members
  • Immigrants wishing to legally immigrate to the United States or elsewhere
  • Individuals verifying their relationship to the deceased for Estate/Probate purposes
  • People wanting to verify sibling relationships
  • Twins wishing to determine if they are identical or fraternal
  • Paternal/Maternal half sibling relationship verification
  • Single Party DNA Genetic Record

Why Trust Us?


  • Accredited, Certified Laboratory Testing
  • Years of Experience Following Strict Chain of Custody
  • Reliable and Accurate Results (generally available in 3-5 business days)
  • Professional, Non-Invasive Collection


  • Discreet Screening Process
  • Confidential and Secure Information Storage